GI Roofing

GI Roofing

Galvanization is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron in order to prevent it from rusting. The galvanized iron (GI) sheets for roofing are produced as plain coils / sheets (GP) and corrugated sheets

GI roofing or Galvanized iron roofing is a very good way of roofing and has many qualities that are exclusive to it. For example, it gives great protection from heat and cold. The material that is used to build these sheets is very high quality galvanized iron which means that it is coated with a layer of aluminium and has anti-corrosion properties too. Due to its shape and design, it also drains rainwater very easily and doesn’t get affected by corrosion because of galvanisation. It is lightweight and doesn’t easily get damaged in storms, rain etc. All of these qualities in GI roofing come at a price that is very reasonable and low as compared to other forms of roofing. Due to the tensile strength of the iron, the sheets even have the ability to bear high weight as well.

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