Clay Tile Roofing

Clay Tile Roofing

Modern roof materials such as clay roof tiles are used for single-family homes and apartment buildings, office and industrial complexes as well as refurbishment projects.

Clay tile roofing, amongst all our products, is the oldest technique of roofing as it has been used for centuries by human civilisations. It is sustainable for the environment, and it lasts for the longest time when put to the test against all of its counterparts. It is very durable because insects, weather and even rain don’t affect it. Clay roofing will not rot or corrode at all. Apart from all this, it looks very chic and stylish. Although, the clay tiles that we offer cost quite on the same level as other roofing solutions, the tiles are very heavy and so the cost of installation might be higher. Because of the weight of the tiles, it also needs to be made sure that there is enough strength in the existing structure so that it can take the weight. If not, then even that needs to be fixed. After that, there will be no roadblocks in the installation process.

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