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  • Pre-Engineered Building is a concept of structure having high structural strength, economical design while it supersedes the conventional fabrication, it lowers down the stress of foundation, hence there is less cost on civil construction as well.
  • Tailor made buildings based on client’s requirement and actual design calculations using tapered sections. An efficiently designed Pre-Engineered Building can be lighter than the conventional steel building by up to 30%.
  • CROWN FABS  is well equipped to produce Pre-Engineered Buildings as per client’s requirements. The company has all the latest machinery to support this segment. The entire design of Columns, Rafters and other Accessories is based on international structural standards and invoice high technical welding and quality production.
  • These are the structures basically manufactured/fabricated at the factory with the high tensile steel material by collecting complete information of shed/building (viz: Length, Width, Height etc.)


    • It is designed using international standards considering factors like weather conditions, wind Velocity, seismic zone etc. of the location.
    • We design Energy Efficient buildings using skylight sheets, cladding louvers, Self-driven ventilators, Ridge vents, Roof Monitor design and many more.
    • High aesthetic appeal using latest design of Gabble End, Curves, Bracket less Gutters etc.
    • Flexibility in expansion.
    • Saving in construction time.


      1. Factory

      2. Warehouse

      3. Workshop

      4. Community Hall

      5. Commercial Showroom

      6. Cold Storage

      7. Stadium

      8. Parking Shed

      9. Railway Platforms

      10. Airports

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