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Truss Work 

If one needs to BUILD a Large building, without any internal obstacles/visible columns which might affect the movement of internal traffic.

In such cases TRUSS WORK fabrication is required some of the Buildings that might require are Industrial sheds, Marriage halls, Cold storages, Auditorium, Terrace structure, Warehouses, Gowdons, Factories, Godowns, Covering Balconies, Temporary structures, Stage covering for events, Roof work, Industrial buildings, Large conference halls, Cinema halls, Cafeteria etc.

What is a Truss?

A truss is a framework that typically it supports a roof or bridge or any other structure and consists of rafters, struts and posts. There will be two-force members, and the members will be organised to appear like a single unit.

If you go through a two force member, the force will be applied at two points only. The two members can be connected in any shape to achieve a stable configuration. If you go through a truss, there will be 5 or more triangular units. The units are constructed with straight members, and the ends are connected at joints (nodes).

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